Living Simply with Kids

This comes from the latest MSA Seed Sampler ezine.

Living Simply with Kids

In certain Christian circles, simplicity is deemed a high virtue of a faithful life. I did an interview with a group of ultra-cool college students who live so simply, they get their food from dumpsters. That’s all very well for single college students. What happens when kids come along?

I don’t have kids of my own. But several of my friends do, and I get to regularly observe the intentionality it takes to live into values that are different from the values of the surrounding culture. And all I can say is: this lifestyle is not for the faint of heart.

This issue of the Seed Sampler is a celebration of living simply with kids. It serves to recognize intentional parents and provide resources to help you and your family live more simply, too. Included here are lessons learned from a Montana vacation and a year in Denmark, and analysis of children growing up in a consumeristic world, and an interview with a simple-living kid named Catie. Also, at the bottom is a list of resources, including a new blog from MSA team member Ricci Kilmer called The Revolution Starts At Home.


Judy Naegeli

Seed Sampler coordinator

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