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sound bites of life on 2008-09-30

  • @JohnnyLaird Dave Laird is a great friend. How was the time with Tom last night? #
  • @josh_parrish I even have a helmet and a timbuk2 bag. #
  • @josh_parrish would you be interested in writing something about Texas Street Community for the MSA blog #
  • Google reader at 442 @spiritfarmer can you give me a summary of blogs activity in the last 2 days? #
  • I am wondering how is Tom Sine behaving in the UK. Has he got lost yet? He always do. #
  • @zen_habits have someone with you to keep you accountable. It is easier to do when you are not do it on your own. #
  • Reading a bit of anarchist social theories and Trinitarian theology #
  • @justinbaeder communities direct action democracy, organic self manage organizations, liberated communities #
  • Evening prayers at the Mustard Seed House #
  • mustard seeding #
  • @spiritfarmer did you got in trouble with the principal? #
  • @kiwiupover about time. Welcome. #
  • oh… the delicious smell of homemade marinara sauce is invading every corner of the house. #
  • @justinbaeder only happens if you have a weird name. #
  • How come I am still receiving WAMU offers in the mail? #

links for 2008-09-30

A Moral hazard

Via Sinfest

sound bites of life on 2008-09-29

  • Walking Green Lake with Dave Laird. #
  • @spiritfarmer not yet bro. It should be coming any day now. Sorry. #
  • @spiritfarmer I know @justinbeader got a copy. #
  • conspiring with @markvans #
  • buying a lock for his bike so he can start biking around. Mostly downhill for now. I know I am not the only one you’ll see waking the bike. #

Liminal Places and the Urban Camino

By my friend Tim Mathis

 Liminal Places and the Urban Camino » Mustard Seed Associates Creating the future one mustard seed at a time

The concept of liminality is important, I think, in that it points us to the truth that God strikes out at us from within the context of creation rather than through ‘inbreaking’ from some existence outside of reality. It’s dangerous too though, to the extent that it encourages our tendency to localize and limit God and Truth to specific spaces in our experience, to the exclusion of others.

Read full post at the MSA Blog

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