The Revolution Starts at Home – New Blog

Check out the new homegrown plot to transform the world by the Rosario-Kilmer tribe.

My wife (Ricci) just launched a blog in which she will reflect on holistic life and spirituality from the perspective of a practitioner, revolutionary, mother, wife, communitarian and homegrown critical educator.

The Revolution Starts at Home

Making coffee to open our eyes in the morning, food preparation to sustain our bodies, washing clothes, cleaning our homes, nurturing our children, sleeping (maybe?). The list goes on. These activities and hundreds more like them take significant blocks of time out of our days and weeks. In our society which tries to “box” everything into neat little categories, these things are in the, “Ugh, Do I have to do that again?” category. Which in my mind brings up several questions:

  • How many hours do we really spend on this stuff each week?
  • Are these sacred or secular activities?
  • If secular, does that mean that much of our lives are godless?
  • If spiritual, WHAT ARE WE DOING ABOUT IT!?

That’s what this blog is about. Reclaiming those areas of our lives, by many viewed as boring and dull, to be sacred and taking small steps each day to bring them back into the spiritual realm of our lives; or better yet, expanding the spiritual to leave nothing out.

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