sound bites of life on 2008-08-15

  • @chrisbbrooks give a shout out to Efrem from a brother in Seattle. #
  • Yet another day conspiring and dreaming. #
  • Heading out to another day with loyal radical episcopalians. #
  • hanging out with Phyllis Tickle. #
  • I really messed up ical & google cal. All my appt. are gone!! #
  • great conversation over lunch with Phyllis Tickle. Now discussing the big elephant in the room with Sara Miles #
  • discussing resurrectione – the resurrected body of transgender persons #
  • it is very concerning when people in position of power, namely white males, speak to assumption of been post-race, post-gender #
  • it is not enough to challenge the institutions, but the ethos of the culture of which that institution is part of need to be challenge too #

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