sound bites of life on 2008-08-14

  • very sad about the Geel’s move to DC. Can’t believe tonight is their last community dinner at the Mustard Seed House. #
  • Once again grea time at MSH. We commissioned Anneke & Peter to plant mustard seeds of hope in Washington DC. #
  • man!! I’m tried of hearing so much about michael phlegm. #
  • getting ready for 3 days of conspiracy with fellow emerging/emergent episcopalians. #
  • @Casmar did’t you tell me after the 16th? #
  • @Casmar ahh compai, eso mismo estoy esperando yo de ti #
  • “I’m a recovering academic, we think in 55 minutes sound bites.” Phyllis Tickle #
  • @diecast and I’m having coffee with Ivan Illich. #
  • @josh_parrish #

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