New Season in the Mustard Seed House

Tonight we had our first community dinner night with Dustin and Joy, the new communitarians at Mustard Seed House. After several times together and several times of prayer and discernment, we invited Joy and Dustin to be part in this adventure of living in intentional community.

Here is the Afro-Celtic prayer we prayed as way to begin this new season in the Mustard Seed House.



[Christine, Ricci & Joy light 1 candle each]

[Selah: take a moment of silent to meditate in the light of the candles]

[Christine & Tom]

O Lord, O God,

Creator of the land, the earth, the trees,

the animals and humans, all is for your honor,

The drums beat it out, and people sing about it,

and they dance with noisy joy that you are the Lord.

[Selah: stop and listen]

[Dustin & Joy]

Let your face shine upon us, O God

and be merciful to us.

[Selah: stop and listen]

[Ricci & Eliacín]

The Peace of God, the Creator,

and of Christ, the Redeemer,

and of the Holy Spirit, The Sustainer,

be upon us

for ever more.

[Selah: stop and listen]


Yours is our trust, O King of kings,

We pray that no evil and malice,

no hatred or fear, may smother the flames.

[Selah: stop and listen]


We pray that indifference and apathy,

contempt and pride,

may not extinguish its light.

[Selah: stop and listen]


Be with us by day,

be with us by night,

and as darkness covers the earth,

keep our lights shining brightly.

[Selah: stop and listen]


We are on a journey,

for our hearts have run before us,

to your kingdom;

once far off,

we have now been brought near.

[Selah: stop and listen]


We pray the protection of Christ to clothe us,

Christ to enfold us,

To surround and guard us,

this day and every day.

[Selah: stop and listen]


See how good and joyful thing it is to dwell together in unity!

[Selah: stop and listen]


Glory be to the Father, the Creator and Source,

To the Nursing Mother,

To Jesus, the Healer and Eldest Brother

And to the Unsurpassed Great Spirit.





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