Mark your calendar: Living Simply with Kids Workshop


The Revolution Starts at Home: Living Simply with Kids

This will the the first in a series of workshops and conversations related to homegrown revolution, alternative living, sustainability, cultural awareness, social justice and other holy mischievous act of resistance and creativity.

For those of us trying to live an intentional Christian life kids can be both and inspiration and a frustration. We want to live out an alternate script from what society has written for us but it often seems like when it comes to our kids we’re on our own and have to start from scratch (which of course we don’t have time for, we’re parents!)

In this conversation we will be exploring together simplicity, sustainibility, whole-life faith, justice, life-long learning, and healthy parenting. And discovering how these issues affect the way we live with our kids and in the greater community.

Facilitated by Ricci Kilmer & Eliacín Rosario-Cruz

Hosted by Mustard Seed Associates and Mustard Seed House

  • When? October 11th, 2008 | 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • $10 Donation | Register online
  • Soup and bread lunch provided.
  • Please come and bring a snack to share and your own drinks.

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