Anglimergence among Episcopalians



Here is a brief summary/reflection by episcopalian practitioner Tim Mathis of a meeting of radical episcopalians that happened this past weekend (Aug. 14-16) in Church of the Apostles in Seattle.


Relatively Faithful: Its all who you know…

This weekend in Seattle there was a gathering of the Emerging Coordinating Team ECG-TEC–a self-appointed, and hopefully soon internationally recognized, network of individuals in the Episcopal Church focused on visioning and supporting emerging ministries in TEC. In attendance were Episcelebrities Phyllis Tickle, Sara Miles, Karen Ward, Eliacin Rosario-Cruz, Tom and Christine Sine, some important national church types, folks who are doing exciting things on the ground, and for about half the time, me–the interloper/token young dude. You could have watched as well, b/c it was simulcast. Thanks for the invite Karen. Heres what we talked about.

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