sound bites of life on 2008-08-31

does anyone have some extra invites? # giving a try # good food and great company tonight at the Mustard Seed House BBQ # @jonmadison thanks for sharing your music. # playing homegrown church this morning. # planning lessons, fixing door and crafting prayer for MSH community dinner tonight welcoming Dustin and Joy. […]

New Season in the Mustard Seed House

Tonight we had our first community dinner night with Dustin and Joy, the new communitarians at Mustard Seed House. After several times together and several times of prayer and discernment, we invited Joy and Dustin to be part in this adventure of living in intentional community. Here is the Afro-Celtic prayer we prayed as way […]

sound bites of life on 2008-08-30

great afternoon with@josh_parrish and Ryan sharing stories about community, spirituality and home education. # enjoying KEXP Positive Vibrations # BBQ at The Mustard Seed Houst # a must read if you are into new monasticism and intentional communities stuff – #

It is not just about the last 8 years.

It is not just about the last 8 years. To assume that change will happen by just focusing on November 4 is a naive view of history and a adolescent understanding of democracy. On Nov. 4 people will elect a new administrator in the same system of power that perpetuates itself. There are bigger systems […]