RedOracle: Postmodern hospitality

My friend Jess have a very insighful and challenging post about what hospitality means. She does it in the context for the Mennonite Church, but it is certainly a concept we should all explore and live.

RedOracle: Postmodern hospitality

This leads me to think about hospitality…how are we, as individual followers of Christ and together as a community of believers, hospitable to others? Recently, I attended a “consultation” on interchurch relations put together by MC USA. The purpose was to get together to discuss how we, as Mennonites, can be and have been hospitable to other Anabaptist brothers and sisters. To be honest this meeting was annoying to me because we were, as one brave sole stated, seeking to make a simple thing complicated. Why do we need to get a room full of leaders together to talk about something that seemingly should flow out of us quite naturally? And yet, I am glad that MC USA sees the extending of hospitality as a priority.

So what exactly is hospitality? What does it look like? Is it merely about giving to an other or is it also about receiving? After spending a month traveling in Spain and Morocco my ideas of hospitality and my role in it have changed…

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