Heading to Philly for Submergent Next Steps Gathering

I’m all set for my trip tomorrow morning to Philadelphia for the Submergent Next Step Gathering. Among the things I am looking for, is to have a real Philly Cheesesteak sandwich with Mark Van Steenwyk and also finally hanging out in person with Jason Evans.

I’ll be posting some updates from the gathering

Embracing the Anabaptist impulse, Submergent is exploring new ways of embodying the Gospel in our post-modern, post-colonial, post-Christendom world. We are a network of emerging Anabaptist and neo-Anabaptist leaders, churches, and organizations from all over the world and from different denominational backgrounds coming together to reimagine a new Anabaptism.

We’ll do this primarily through networking interested individuals, churches, and organization. Our goal isn’t necessarily to start church planting efforts, new organizations, etc. But we hope that our networking will help create space for new things to form and existing things to change.

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