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This comes from my friend Eugene Cho

using facebook to fight global poverty
After mocking social networking sites for awhile, I finally joined Facebook one year ago. And while there are still some things that I strongly dislike about Facebook [e.g. constant invitations to Applications], I am a big fan. It works. I’ve reconnected with friends from high school and college. And Facebook is helping me to stay connected to the growing community at Quest.

But asides from just connecting with past and current friends, I’ve been dreaming how to leverage the power of technology and the internet to further social causes. This is one of the primary hopes with the new organization we are working on. How do we utilize and converge technology and human relationships to fight global poverty?

With that in mind, I started this GROUP on Facebook. Because we haven’t yet publicly revealed the name of the organization, we thought of the catchiest name: “For each person that joins, we will donate $1 to fight Global Poverty.”

We need your help. My wife and I [and our three children] want to sincerely invite you to join us in helping Fight Global Poverty. We will donate $1 to the cause of global poverty for EACH person that JOINS this group – with hopes of this group growing to at least 100,000 people.

We might not be able to save the world but we can certainly make a difference in a family, a town, a village… Even a few dollars can make a difference.

Why are we doing this? Our motivation is not to appear altruistic or righteous. We don’t want any pats on the back. We are simply convicted to ACT. We can’t afford to not do anything. We have decided to make some life decisions to give $100,000 to fight global poverty through a new Humanitarian Organization and simply ask that you consider learning together how we can CARE and ACT. Together, we believe we can make a difference.

Our hope is that AT LEAST 100,000 people will join by the end of August because our conviction is to donate $100,000 in hopes of encouraging others to consider giving. Thus far, 21,119 people have joined since the group started one month ago. Our goal is to launch the organization in September and we hope to leverage this group to help build momentum.

Would you help us? It’ll take you no more than 5 minutes but if you can help us with these simple five ideas, it’ll be a great help to our organization.

1 â–º If you haven’t done so, please join the group – CLICK “Join this Group”
2 ► CLICK on “Invite People to Join.”
3 â–º SELECT all of the friends that you want to join. Think strategically about friends who might invite other friends. Think of friends who are strategically located around the world.
4 ► CLICK on “Send invitation”
5 ► SHARE on your “Posted Items.” This may be the most effective way of spreading the group. After you’ve joined, would you simply share the group amongst your “Posted Items.”

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