Calling 911 for Gabrielito

Gabrielito is my 18 month old son. He was born on Christmas Day 2006. He was born with a respiratory problem and had to be resucitated at the moment of birth and was taken by ambulance to the NICU at Swedish Hospital in Seattle. An unforgetful moment.

Last night we had another tense parent episode. He have been having a fever between 101-104 for almost all day. At 5:30 PM Gabrielito went into febrile convulsions. The episode was horrendous for us as inexperience parent. We called 911 and he was taken to the ER. There we learned that febrile convulsions occur in young children when there is a rapid increase in their body temperature. It affects up to 1 in 20 children between the ages of one and four but can affect children between six months and about five years old. But no matter how common it might be, it is really concerning and terrifying to see your child go through the seizures.

He is doing a bit better now, but he still feverish so we need to keep our eyes on him.

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