Twitter Updates for 2008-05-05

  • wishing i could go to San Diego for this – #
  • proud of my ancestors #
  • Evening prayer at the MSH. #
  • mustard seeding this morning. Downloading dwlding NIN new ablum #
  • hard to choose – coffee-fi at Cloud City Coffee or Revolutions Cafe? #
  • chanting down babylon and it’s downpression! #
  • @justinbaeder wifi? #
  • @justinbaeder need to give it a try #
  • coffee-fi at Blue Saucer as recommended by @justinbaeder #
  • Blue Saucer Cafe was fine, but it missing the community enviroment of Cloud City Cafe. Hellfire Mocha was pretty good though. #
  • @justinbaeder someone missed the point on @dydimustk reweet #
  • heading out to walk around green lake #

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