Strangers Bring Us Closer to God : Sara Miles

About a month or so ago, my Sarah Miles stopped to pay us a visit. I was glad that she was able to come and enjoy a very simple lunch and relax before returning to her book reading and presentation engagements here in Seattle.

Yesterday, Sarah was on NPR and my daughter was glued to the radio, enjoying every bit of the show. She might be Sarah’s youngest fan

Strangers Bring Us Closer to God : NPR

Until recently, I thought being a Christian was all about belief. I didn’t know any Christians, but I considered them people who believed in the virgin birth, for example, the way I believed in photosynthesis or germs.

But then, in an experience I still can’t logically explain, I walked into a church and a stranger handed me a chunk of bread. Suddenly, I knew that it was made out of real flour and water and yeast — yet I also knew that God, named Jesus, was alive and in my mouth.

Visit NPR site to read more and listen to the show.

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