Remembering the forgotten

My uncle Elias & my father Eliacín Sr.

While Memorial Day commemorates U.S. men and women who perished in conflict. I want to remember the many whom have been forgotten by the Empire. The thousands veterans who inspite of giving life and limbs for this country are now going through the pain of dementia, homelessness and disease.  We remember the many Puerto Ricans brothers and sister whom forced by the colonial pressures (political, economical, cultural) of the Empire became “carne de cañon para el imperio.”  They suffered and died for a distorted version of freedom that they were not able to enjoy in their own country. My uncle was one of them.

Today I want to remember Tio Elias (Uncle Elias), my dad’s younger brother and my favorite uncle. Tio Elias died of cancer at the age of 59 last Saturday morning.  He suffered mental illness caused from PTSD caused by his experience in the killing machine. Once his service was over he became one among the many the forgotten and discarded veterans.

We remember you Tio, with much love. I’ll miss your smile and laugh. Thank you for so many fantastic memories. You were a wonderful man.

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  1. Well said! They put their lives on the line, protect the interests of Wall Street (who cares about our freedom?) and then are left to die like they did nothing. Damn!!!

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