My Beautiful Idol – Tuesday Book Review


This weekend while I was not feeling too sociable I picked up the copy The Ooze.

This is yet another book in the recently popular line of spiritual memoirs. If you read some of Dan Miller, you might enjoy this one. I’m not a fan of Miller, but this one I like.  It is a quick easy read, but that does not mean that is as quick to digest or process. This is a book about setting up idols of what we think God, ministry and life are. These Idols and desires are motivated by our own skwed ideas of God and spirituality. Peter Gail touches close to home to the broken hearts of many of us whom while try to be in ministry and live a life of service to God, do it for the wrong motives. Because I have had (still have) some idols of my own, the authors have my respect for the honest and open manner he tells his story. Not many of us are willing to hang outside our dirty underwear of selfish motives for everyone to see. 

This book might not be at the level of Kathleen Norris or Anne Lamott (even though Phillip Yancey seems to believe so, according to the endorsement he does of the book) it is still a great read.

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