Interview with Tomas Yaccino from La Red del Camino – Spanish

Thanks to Natanael at Karmatarsis for sharing this video.

Tomas Yaccino is the connector for La Red Del Camino. 

Del Camino Network is a community of local churches who participate as servants in the life of the Kingdom of God in response to Jesus’ radical call to ¨love one another as He has loved us.¨ We are connected as friends who are committed to accompanying one another and serving together in what we understand to be our collective mission in Latin America and the Caribbean to work out God’s plan for the restoration of all things. The network is joined as well by pro-church organizations that identify with and form a part of this same spirit of mission. 

In the network we see ourselves as being part of a ¨movement¨. We do not seek to become institutionalized. Rather, we hope to develop as stimulated by the Holy Spirit and passionately carry out our mission in such a way that encourages other local churches to serve integrally for God´s Kingdom.


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