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Interview with Tomas Yaccino from La Red del Camino – Spanish

Thanks to Natanael at Karmatarsis for sharing this video.

Tomas Yaccino is the connector for La Red Del Camino

Del Camino Network is a community of local churches who participate as servants in the life of the Kingdom of God in response to Jesus’ radical call to ¨love one another as He has loved us.¨ We are connected as friends who are committed to accompanying one another and serving together in what we understand to be our collective mission in Latin America and the Caribbean to work out God’s plan for the restoration of all things. The network is joined as well by pro-church organizations that identify with and form a part of this same spirit of mission. 

In the network we see ourselves as being part of a ¨movement¨. We do not seek to become institutionalized. Rather, we hope to develop as stimulated by the Holy Spirit and passionately carry out our mission in such a way that encourages other local churches to serve integrally for God´s Kingdom.


The Darker Nations – Tuesday Book Recommendation

The Third World today faces Europe like a colossal mass whose projects should be to try to resolve the problems to which Europe has not been able to find the answers.

– Frantz Fannon, 1961

I would add to Fannon’s words that in this pivotal point in time, the Third World-The Darker Nations not only faces Europe but it faces the West and the North with the power and hope to be able to find the solutions that not only Europe never found, but also the solutions to the many problems caused by hundreds of years of occupation and colonialism by Europe and USA.

Darker Nations: A People’s History of the Third World (New Press People’s Histories) (Vijay Prashad, The New Press) is a compilation of events seeing from the perspective of the people from the Third World. It is said that there is no history but only interpretation of events. So called historical events do not have significance on themselves, their importance and meaning is given one. Same with the authority of such historical event. For centuries history have been viewed as a the world meta-narrative through the skewed lenses of Europe and the U.S.A. at the center of humanity. The events in this book shift the narrative to the see life through experience of people of color and their fight for liberation, land, work and their right to live with dignity. This is history (the interpretation of past events) in the light of creating a new alternative world – The Third World. While a full of hopeful accounts, Prashad is no fanatic, he presents the painful reality of power struggles and distorted patriotism and the atrocities of some political regimes. 

This is a good “history” primer for people interested in issues of multiculturalism, post-colonialism and missions. 


Remembering the forgotten

My uncle Elias & my father Eliacín Sr.

While Memorial Day commemorates U.S. men and women who perished in conflict. I want to remember the many whom have been forgotten by the Empire. The thousands veterans who inspite of giving life and limbs for this country are now going through the pain of dementia, homelessness and disease.  We remember the many Puerto Ricans brothers and sister whom forced by the colonial pressures (political, economical, cultural) of the Empire became “carne de cañon para el imperio.”  They suffered and died for a distorted version of freedom that they were not able to enjoy in their own country. My uncle was one of them.

Today I want to remember Tio Elias (Uncle Elias), my dad’s younger brother and my favorite uncle. Tio Elias died of cancer at the age of 59 last Saturday morning.  He suffered mental illness caused from PTSD caused by his experience in the killing machine. Once his service was over he became one among the many the forgotten and discarded veterans.

We remember you Tio, with much love. I’ll miss your smile and laugh. Thank you for so many fantastic memories. You were a wonderful man.

Abridge history of the Iran/Contras in the 80’s

Eliacín in Sojourners Magazine

Sojourners Magazine, June 2008

Look mom, I’m on the cover of a magazine!

Last March I received an email from one of editors Sojourners Magazine letting me know that they wanted to run a profile of me as part of 10 Young Christian Leaders to Watch. I’m honored to be among such a great group of fellow young conspirators in the upcoming issue of Sojourners Magazine.

Make sure you read all the profiles, including the web extras.

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