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The New Conspirators : Creating the Future one Mustard Seed at a Time by Tom Sine

“In spite the fact that our world is changing at blinding speed and the church is going through some very tough times, God is still at work in ways that aren’t always immediately apparent. For some reason, God seems to delight in conspiring through the small, insignificant and ordinary to renew the church and transform the world.”

This book was long due. Tom Sine spent 3+ years collecting stories, interviewing people, bugging friends and collecting the data that end up in this fantastic book.

You might have heard authors talk about books taking a life of their own, and that is true of this one. As a friend of Tom I was fortunate enough to be around while the book was taking shape. Originally it was meant to be a reincarnation of a his book The Mustard Seed Conspiracy, published in the mid-80’s. But that would not hold up to the amazing stories of creativity and faith that Tom was listening. Tom later decided that this was meant to be an entire different book about the God’s new conspirators in the here and now.

While many of the current books in the Christian circles cover one topic – Tom have ventured to explore what he calls in the book the 4 streams of renewal for the church and the world: The Emerging Church, The Missional Church, New Monasticism and The Mosaic (Multi-Cultural) Church. Lots had and is written about the Emerging Church and Missional church. New Monasticism is a hot topic these days. So I am glad Tom included what the multi-cultural church is doing as a fresh and challenging expression in contemporary Christianity.

In this book Tom engage us in five conversations:

  • Taking the New Conspirators Seriously
  • Taking the Culture Seriously
  • Taking the Future of God Seriously
  • Taking the Turbulent Times Seriously
  • Taking our Imaginations Seriously

I think it is very important to point out that this is a book on a global expression of the new conspirators. The stories and examples does not come from the western hemisphere alone. This is not an American book. Though the book you’ll read stories of ordinary people confronting the powers and living out God’s Kingdom values in Africa, UK, Latin America, Australia, USA and all over the world.

The New Conspirators is a primer in the global conversation on how God is creating the future one mustard seed at a time. You can read the introduction of the book at

A must read definitely.

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