Submergent relaunches website

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Submergent relaunches website recently relaunched ( The old site was having some technical difficulties.

What is Submergent?

Embracing the Anabaptist impulse, Submergent is exploring new ways of embodying the Gospel in our post-modern, post-colonial, post-Christendom world. We are a network of emerging Anabaptist leaders, churches, and organizations from all over the world and from different denominational backgrounds coming together to reimagine what it means to be Anabaptist.

What are the goals of Submergent?

We’re having a gathering of a handful of people from different parts of North America to explore this question. We’re trying hard not to create a closed agenda; we’re discerning the best way of networking all the Anabaptist-flavored pockets engaging the emerging context. These are some basic starting goals:

* We will actively explore ways to embody the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We aren’t interested in mere ideas…we want to live this stuff out.
* We will foster dialog between emerging church movements and the existing Anabaptist movement.
* We will develop partnerships between Anabaptist denominations/organizations and emerging organizations.

If you’d like to be a part of what we’re scheming for the future, contact us. And send us your info…and be sure to mention if you are a part of an organization or community that wants to be listed on the site. If you have a blog, we’ll add that too.

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