First, Step Up :: Bill McKibben on Climate Solutions

First, Step Up :: Bill McKibben on Climate Solutions
Asking people to make sacrifices to stop Global Warming is political suicide, right? Evidently not.

Bill McKibben has been sounding the alarm on climate change since his 1989 book, The End of Nature. He lives in Ripton, Vermont, where he teaches, writes, and works to counter climate change.

At any given moment we face as a society an enormous number of problems: there’s the mortgage crisis, the health care crisis, the endless war in Iraq, and on and on. Maybe we’ll solve some of them, and doubtless new ones will spring up to take their places. But there’s only one thing we’re doing that will be easily visible from the moon. That something is global warming. Quite literally it’s the biggest problem humans have ever faced, and while there are ways to at least start to deal with it, all of them rest on acknowledging just how large the challenge really is.

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