basis to Ancient Future Emergent Questing & decontruct

These are 2 excellent posts from Fr. Ian Mobsby

I meet Ian last year at one of his book presentations in Seattle. I’ve been following his community – Moot – for a little while. Ian will be back in Seattle next June. I’m looking forward connecting with him

Trinitarianism as the basis to Ancient Future Emergent Questing

If there is anything the church needs right now, are those who are questing or seeking to reconstruct church and the faith in our postmodern consumerist and technological culture.

I am convinced that there are a number of themes that are crucial if we are going to be successful in this quest of the emerging/ent church.

If we start with the Trinity as our model of Church, then we are open to a communitarian understanding of what is required of church in that it is loving, empowering, participative, sharing in power, committed to prayer, justice and radical hospitality. This will create Christians who are life affirming, able to cope with complexity and be loving.

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The need for Emergent and some of the Emerging Church to deconstruct its ecclesiology

Many of the churches and groups involved in the Emergent & Emerging Church movement in the UK & US came out of radical evangelicalism. Evangelicalism – and in particular the more reformed, were birthed in modernity. Recently, Emergent churches and projects have changed their practice socially, due to the influences of postmodernity, information technology and consumerism. They have socially changed to respond to the sociological norms of culture.

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