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Call for Stories!
20-Somethings Living Alternatively

For an upcoming issue of the Seed Sampler, the monthly e-zine of Mustard Seed Associates, we are focusing on “20-Somethings Living Alternatively.” We are looking for stories and examples from college students and young professionals who are seeking to live into the king of God that is already here. How have you responded to the call to be part of God’s redeeming work in the world?

Some of you are living in radical intentional community. Some of you grow vegetables without pesticides. Others are volunteering regularly with inner-city kids or homeless families, while still others are throwing regular parties to celebrate family, friends, and life together. You advocate, study Scripture, reject consumerism, paint, sing, dance, pray, and love. We want to hear about it.

Please send your stores and examples to Judy Naegeli at by April 14th, 2008. They may be included in the May issue of the Seed Sampler. If you do not already receive the Seed Sampler by email, sign up at

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