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Blogging from the New Conspirators .1

Well it all started, even though not officially. We had a big dinner with some of out of town friends at the mustard seed house last night. As a communitarian and someone who’ve been told that have the gift of helping people feel welcome and connected, I really enjoyed over hearing the many conversations and the way people got along with each other right off the bat.

After dinner Mark Pierson, Tom Balke, Mark Van Steenwyk, my wife Ricci and I had a relaxing evening, some of us working in our computers while chatting about new books, movements and hopes.

Somehow I missed the memo that said that our friend David Laird and the Seattle YWAM tribe were going to be here at the house at 8am to load the van, so all over slept. So, we hurried through our supposely leisurely breakfast and went down stairs to load the art rails/grids, book boxes, supplies, and food into the van.

Some of the guys are already at Bethany Community Church where the conference will be. I’m still at home, as you can see blogging and watching my kids while my wife do some last minute shopping.

I’ll be posting as frequently as I can.

Festival of the Imagination


Tomorrow starts The New Conspirators Festival. I will be blogging with updates and reports from it. So stay tuned.

My wife and I will also be leading a Conspiracy Session about the revolution starting at home in the context of community.

Our friend Mark Pierson is already here (actually sitting across from me in our living room, working on his Mac). Another Mark, my christian anarchist friend, Mark Van Steenwyk will be arriving today in time for community dinner at the Mustard Seed House. Mark is already blogging about the conference, even though it hasn’t technically started yet. Our hospitality room is already full, so we are getting the couch ready for Shane Claiborne.

Historic Anglimergent Gathering in Minneapolis


Yes… that’s me in the back.

Historic Anglimergent Gathering in Minneapolis

Last week, there was a historic Anglimergent gathering at Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis, featuring 18 people, described by Phyllis Tickle as a mixture of “emergent Christians and more than half of whom were Anglican types.”

Read more at the Emergent Village Blog

an experiment in truth

An Economy Stimulating Giving Spree! : Jesus Manifesto

Come May, most of us tax paying citizens will be receiving a check in the mail. Now, regardless of whether you agree with capitalism, our government, or the Economic Stimulus package, the fact remains that you’ll be getting a check either way. Now, the question becomes how to spend it.It’s true, once you get the check, it’s your money to do what you’d like with it, but the intent is that you spend it on consumer goods, thus stimulating the economy. You might just save it away for a rainy day or use it to pay off some debt, but I’d like to recommend another idea: A Giving Spree.

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Lauren Winner @ quest church, seattle

Lauren Winner @ quest

Quest is very excited to host a “learning conference” with Lauren Winner on October 10-11, 2008. The previous two learning conferences we hosted were with Tony Campolo and John Perkins.

read more at Eugene Cho’s blog 

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