Blogging from the New Conspirators .1

Well it all started, even though not officially. We had a big dinner with some of out of town friends at the mustard seed house last night. As a communitarian and someone who’ve been told that have the gift of helping people feel welcome and connected, I really enjoyed over hearing the many conversations and the way people got along with each other right off the bat.

After dinner Mark Pierson, Tom Balke, Mark Van Steenwyk, my wife Ricci and I had a relaxing evening, some of us working in our computers while chatting about new books, movements and hopes.

Somehow I missed the memo that said that our friend David Laird and the Seattle YWAM tribe were going to be here at the house at 8am to load the van, so all over slept. So, we hurried through our supposely leisurely breakfast and went down stairs to load the art rails/grids, book boxes, supplies, and food into the van.

Some of the guys are already at Bethany Community Church where the conference will be. I’m still at home, as you can see blogging and watching my kids while my wife do some last minute shopping.

I’ll be posting as frequently as I can.

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