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NEED magazine

My good friend David from kiwiupover  mentioned this magazine to me this morning.

NEED magazine

NEED magazine is an artistic hope-filled publication focusing on life changing humanitarian efforts at home and abroad.

NEED magazine reveals the remarkable stories of people involved throughout the entire humanitarian aid process: survivors, workers, funders, and heroes.

NEED magazines dynamic visual narrative is not only compelling, but also drives awareness, involvement, personal connection, and contributions.

NEED magazine is currently collaborating with:

The American Red Cross | The American Refugee Committee | AmeriCares | CARE International | Concern Worldwide | Global Classrooms | ImagineAsia | International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies | International Justice Mission | Justice for Children | Mercy Ships | Oxfam | Plan International | Right to Play | Relief International | UNICEF | UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs | War Child USA | World Food Program … among many others.

Making It Real, Sojourners Magazine/January 2008

Making It Real, Sojourners Magazine/January 2008

by Tom Sine

If we are serious about finding a way to embody more authentically the aspirations and values of our faith instead of those of the culture, we need to start where many of these new conspirators do.  We need to rediscover the kingdom of God as not only a theology we affirm on Sunday but a reason to get out of bed on Monday.  This calls for new language and images to express God’s new order.  Too many of us have settled for eschatological imagery that is divorced from both the urgent issues that fill our world and the important decisions of our daily lives.  Of course many social justice Christians tease out some kingdom imagery to support their political advocacy.  But often they aren’t any better than the rest of us at embodying these images and values in their daily lives.

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Urban Church

Urban church slide show.

smallritual’s slideshow on Flickr

Mural #3: LMM

Mural #3: LMM – barriomulas.com

Nativity Mystery (5 minute skit for 5 actors)

My friend Bowie from Transmission, an emerging liturgical community in NYC sent me this interesting and funny skit about the Nativity –

Nativity Mystery (5 minute skit for 5 actors) by jSnodgrass–Transmission

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