San Diego fires + harassment

From Jason Evans at The Ecclesia Collective

As many of you know, many of us in our community have been feeding the volunteers collecting donations at the Chicano Park donation drop point.

Yesterday, our group of primarily gringos experienced some resistance to serving the primarily Latino volunteers. We came to find out that earlier in the day, they were harassed by the Minutemen and some people came to take away donations, which the volunteers at this station allowed. Why did this happen? Because this drop point is trying help undocumented, non-English speaking people as well as others directly effected by the fires.

Because of this, the volunteers were hesitant to trust. Were we spying, trying to hurt them somehow? We talked with the organizers and some of the tension was relieved. Trust can be hard to come by sometimes.

This morning, Brooke, my kids and others from our community went to the donation drop point again. Our group was delivering breakfast to the volunteers. Four police cars arrived aggressively questioning the intent of the people working this drop point. It was an ugly scene. Seeing only kindness and generosity expressed by these volunteers, my children drove away now afraid of the police because of how they treated the volunteers.

I was planning on sending out a hopeful note this morning. I wanted to share with you about how beautiful it has been to see San Diego’s often divided groups come together and work together peacefully in such a dark hour. But instead I feel I need to get the word out on this.

This is not the time to put citizenship or skin color over humanity. Some of you may not agree with my ‘political leanings’ and that is okay. I will be honest with you, this is not political for me. I don’t want to sound pious, I say this with the utmost sincerity, I am compelled to stand with these people because I am a follower of Jesus.

Please get out the word about this. If you are in the area, go to Chicano Park and use your presence to provide protection to these people. Yes, I am asking you to trust me that the intentions of this group are for good. You are going to hear otherwise. Be prepared. But please act, pray and publicize this.

As a last note, SD IndyMedia may be the best place to find out about this stuff.

2 thoughts on “San Diego fires + harassment

  1. Why can’t the people just leave well enough alone? Had they been whites helping out in a white neighborhood, nothing would have happened.

  2. I was in the San Diego City Council Chambers when they made it illegal to publicly serve food for a large group of people anywhere in the city (except the lot, now built-up, at 13th & Broadway.)

    This was a specifically anti-homeless person measure. Actual City policy (as opposed to a certain official document called the City’s ‘homeless policy’) has long been consistently anti-homeless, partially motivated by Council reluctance to buck the respectable-public’s fear of the homeless population, but mainly because their visible presence works against gentrification, the city’s prime industry (or at least the activity that brings in the most financial contributions to local political campaigns.)

    So I’m inclined to wonder, how much might the police have been embodying class–rather than ethnic–prejudice?

    Is anyone betting on making Chicano Park the city’s next big re-envelopment project? (I haven’t been there lately, but it’s the sort of thing I tend to expect.)

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