San Diego fires + harassment

From Jason Evans at The Ecclesia Collective Friends, As many of you know, many of us in our community have been feeding the volunteers collecting donations at the Chicano Park donation drop point. Yesterday, our group of primarily gringos experienced some resistance to serving the primarily Latino volunteers. We came to find out that earlier […]

“Greenbelt” like Festival Survey

Some of you are aware of the fantastic Greenbelt Festival in the UK. For the past months I’ve been part of the planning for something similar here in North America. A group of us have put together a survey in a way to listen to wider range of important diverse voices as we continue with […]

the monastic orders of the white men

As Andrew Jones mentioned on one of his recent posts on his blog, us here in the Mustard Seed House are in conversations about monastic orders and what/how that would look in our urban context here in Seattle and on what will be in the future a Celtic flavored new monastic retreat/intentional rural community in […]

Life & Debt

Life & Debt – Blue Scholars Listen I like… making you so happy! Yo, life and debt, light a cigarette smoke the stress, take a deep breath baby, let’s rearrange the mess we’ve inherited Alienated from what is rightfully yours in my land is life, money is time paid for labor Working eight to five, […]

Listening to the Emerging World

Instead of playing the wink’em game and doing another book report (oh… you know what I’m talking about), why not pay attention to what the Emerging World has to tell us? World Social Forum More news of hope and transformation from the past US Social Forum – This is what happens when people in the […]