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Shock Doctrine


Naomi Klein  – Shock Doctrine

Affirmations to live by

Mustard Seed Affirmations for a Whole Life Faith
Do you want to join with others in the mustard seed network to encourage the growth of God’s mustard seed all over the world? If so, consider joining MSA friends by creating a discipline of life that enables you, in community with others, to become a whole life disciple of Jesus Christ. We encourage you to use this as a tool to design your own rule of life that will enable you to join in community with your MSA friends all over the world. We would be interested in learning the discipline you create for yourself and how it enables you to more consistently follow Jesus in your entire life 24/7.


Life Focus
AFFIRMATION This day I choose to follow Jesus making God’s purposes my purposes by relinquishing all the self-interested aspirations of modern culture.
RULE To implement this affirmation I will draft a personal, biblical mission statement and use it to help focus my life in a way that reflects the purposes and values of God’s kingdom.


Whole Life Faith
AFFIRMATION This day I choose to embrace a whole life faith and turn from a compartmentalized faith that has little to do with my stressed, fractured daily life or with the purposes of God’s kingdom.
RULE I will use my mission statement to shape every part of my life, freeing up as much time and resource as possible to invest in the advance of God’s kingdom.


Witness & Service
AFFIRMATION This day I choose to demonstrate that the good life of God is the life given away by putting others’ needs ahead of my own.
RULE I will give regular expression to my mission statement by inviting God to use my mustard seed to make a difference in the world either through my work time or my discretionary time and by becoming an advocate for the marginalized.


Personal Spirituality

AFFIRMATION This day I choose to embrace a life growing in my intimacy, knowledge and trust in the triune God by turning away from my distracted and spiritually barren life.
RULE I will create and follow a daily discipline which includes prayer, mediation and/or reflection on scripture as well as participating in periodic retreats for renewal and prayer.


Worship & Celebration
AFFIRMATION This day I choose to join others in worshipping the living God with my entire life turning from a culture that fears to acknowledge God.
RULE I will embrace a lifestyle of worship that includes regular participation with others in which we praise God and celebrate the hopeful in-breaking of God’s new order into our lives and God’s world.


AFFIRMATION This day I choose to seek community, support and accountability turning away from an unaccountable life and an individualistic faith.
RULE I will find and join a small group of the followers of Jesus where I will seek to be known, loved and held accountable for every aspect of my life.


Mustard Seed Community
AFFIRMATION This day I choose to join with mustard seed friends all over the world by rejecting narrow culturally conforming views of Christian faith and affirming the importance of anticipating new opportunities, dreaming new dreams and creating new ways to advance God’s mustard seed plantings in our lives, communities, and God’s world.


Brown is the New Green

Brown is the New Green

Brown is the New Green:
George Lopez and the American Dream – Synopsis

Finally there is someone that you can invest in that looks like you, speaks like you, relates to things you relate to, and make our culture okay to talk about.” – George Lopez

Numbering 44 million, Latinos are not only this nation’s largest and fastest-growing ethnic group, they are also big business. Brown is the New Green: George Lopez and the American Dream is a fresh, provocative film examining how media and marketers are shaping America’s perceptions of Latinos. The striking new documentary from filmmaker Phillip Rodriquez features the extraordinary insight and observations of Latino icon and advocate George Lopez through rare behind-the-scenes access to the actor/comedian’s remarkable life and career.

Americans are in a collective state of confusion about Latinos. In Brown is the New Green, Rodriguez argues that Latino image is stage-managed by marketers and media companies. Mainstream media have largely ignored them, while Spanish-language networks and Hispanic ad companies have served up an exoticized image that has no basis in contemporary American reality.

The film explores how George Lopez normalizes the image of Latinos in this country through entertainment, as Bill Cosby did for African Americans decades ago. Lopez, whose ABC sitcom is the longest-running show with a Latino lead in the history of television, strives to represent Latinos in a manner true to their realities and aspirations.

In Brown is the New Green, we see actor/comedian George Lopez walk a tightrope between ethnic authenticity and primetime appeal. From his TV sitcom to sold-out concerts, from the writer room, to film sets, Lopez delicately maneuvers to maintain a suitable persona and Latino sensibility. And in behind-the-scenes conversations, he speaks candidly of his childhood longing to fit in, as well as the costs and rewards of working “within the system.”

While Lopez advocates Latinos’ move into the media mainstream, Hispanic marketers have a different agenda; to present Latinos as a separate America. Whether their target audience is elderly immigrants or predominantly English-speaking youth, these Hispanic marketers are pursuing Latino dollars via the myth of cultural Otherness. Brown is the New Green reveals clips of their programming – from “folkloric” commercials to cheesy Latin American soap operas to butt-shakin’ bicultural videos.

Brown is the New Green features interviews with a variety of influential Latinos, who weigh in, often with conflicting opinions, on the role of marketing and media in shaping Latino identity. Interviewees include Advertising Executive Hector Orcí, actor Bill Dana (“Jose Jimenez”), author Arlene Dávila, media activist Alex Nogales, and the George Lopez show producer Bruce Helford (who also produced Roseanne and The Drew Carey Show).

The film also features conversations with members of the Latino youth market, whose tastes and interests are far more eclectic than one might think.

The other September 11


September 11, 1973


Make Affluence History

Make Affluence History

The high living standards read: mass consumption of industrialized nations is subsidized by the very low and lowering living standards of underdeveloped nations. We rarely connect our wealth and the poverty of others. To make poverty history, we need to Make Affluence History.

action ideas

skimp on consumption

Spend one day (or week, or month) where you only buy food and public transportation.

Learn about one man who had a Buy Nothing Year.
•Or learn about a group of people who have committed to not buying anything new for a year other than food, health and safety items and underwear.
Tips on how to keep from buying.

pause a minute for money
Every time you spend or earn money, pause to reflect on its impact in your life and others.

tally the true cost of stuff
Research one item of clothing, furniture or electronics you purchased in the last year. Find out its human and environmental costs.

cap your salary
Say to your boss, I have enough. Or scrape the sludge off your check and give it away.

•Maximum wage is being petitioned for in the UK

host a global dinner
Feed people according to chance (like the global kitchen) and talk about disparity.

•Check out Oxfam’s Hunger Banquet site for more information.
•Look here to download instructions provided by Catholic Relief Services. (pdf format)

low-tech bracelet
Slice an old bike tube into a 12 inch strip and tie on your own Make Affluence History band.

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