Make Affluence History

Make Affluence History

The high living standards read: mass consumption of industrialized nations is subsidized by the very low and lowering living standards of underdeveloped nations. We rarely connect our wealth and the poverty of others. To make poverty history, we need to Make Affluence History.

action ideas

skimp on consumption

Spend one day (or week, or month) where you only buy food and public transportation.

• Learn about one man who had a Buy Nothing Year.
•Or learn about a group of people who have committed to not buying anything new for a year other than food, health and safety items and underwear.
• Tips on how to keep from buying.

pause a minute for money
Every time you spend or earn money, pause to reflect on its impact in your life and others.

tally the true cost of stuff
Research one item of clothing, furniture or electronics you purchased in the last year. Find out its human and environmental costs.

cap your salary
Say to your boss, I have enough. Or scrape the sludge off your check and give it away.

•Maximum wage is being petitioned for in the UK

host a global dinner
Feed people according to chance (like the global kitchen) and talk about disparity.

•Check out Oxfam’s Hunger Banquet site for more information.
•Look here to download instructions provided by Catholic Relief Services. (pdf format)

low-tech bracelet
Slice an old bike tube into a 12 inch strip and tie on your own Make Affluence History band.

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