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The Borinqueneers :: The Puerto Rican Soldier, a documentary on 65th Infantry Regiment

The Borinqueneers :: The Puerto Rican Soldier, a documentary on 65th Infantry Regiment

The 65th Infantry Regiment was created in 1899 by the U.S. Congress as a segregated unit composed primarily of Puerto Ricans with mostly continental officers. It went on to serve meritoriously in three wars: World War I, World War II and the Korean War. The unit was nicknamed after “Borinquen”, the word given to Puerto Rico by its original inhabitants, the Taino Indians, meaning “land of the brave lord”.

Although thousands of Puerto Ricans have served courageously in the Armed Forces since World War I, their contribution and sacrifices have gone largely unnoticed.


Photos from the Celtic Prayer Retreat

Photos from the Celtic Prayer Retreat

Western Worker Coop Conferece

more info WWCC

Western Worker Cooperative Conference

October 12-14, 2007


Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

The Western Worker Co-op Conference is moving on from its old idyllic woodland location, to the hustle and bustle of an urban college campus. After much consideration, the planning board decided that the conference has outgrown Breitenbush Hot Springs. It is with mixed feelings that we end this phase of our history, but we hope that moving to a more accessible location will also make the event itself more accessible, allowing us to reach a much broader segment of the population than we did before.

Many details remain to be determined, but here’s what we know so far: The conference will run from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon, with three sessions of concurrent workshops, focusing on four topical tracks. The conference fee is a sliding scale, $250-400. For an idea of the topics we will cover, please consult the conference schedule. Over the spring and summer, we will be updating this site, to provide more information as it becomes available. We expect to have most of the conference workshops confirmed by July, when we will send out registration materials. Please contact info@west.usworker.coop to be added to our mailing list

And if you are going to be on the East Coast this July, please check out the Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy , which will take place in Asheville, North Carolina. For more information about the WWCC’s history and its relationship with the Federation and other cooperative organizations, please visit the brief history of the conference planning board and roles of board members.

Brief History of the Conference Planning Board

page. For further information on worker cooperatives, please check out the United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives, which will host a conference of its own in 2008.

The conference is planned by a volunteer board, and we will be electing several new members this October. If you are interested in organizing the 2009 conference, please read the board job description in the link above on history and role of the board. Then come to the conferenceprepared to tell participants a little about your background and why you are interested in serving. It is a great opportunity to support the coop movement, and a relatively painless campaign and election.  

Important update on the Lora Lake Apartments


From the Mustard Seed House (MSH) blog


We at MSH are particularly pleased to hear the most recent news about the Lora Lakes Apartment complex. For those who don’t know, these are clean, safe, low-income apartments which were unnecessarily slated for total demolition (to be replaced by a mega-store). MSH was present at a service of lamentation a few weeks ago to protest their planned destruction (see our July 31st post). As a result of the efforts of many concerned parties, a judicial injunction has just been issued, thereby granting a temporary reprieve.

Read more below and please pray that the rights of the poor to affordable housing be upheld…

Dramatic, Last-Minute Judicial Injunction Saves Lora Lake Apartments – For Now
(From the Church Council of Greater Seattle’s e-newsletter)

In the space of two days, anti-homeless advocates were disappointed and then delighted with the turn of events in the ongoing Lora Lake saga. On Thursday at a packed hearing by the Port of Seattle, commissioners voted 3-2 to demolish the 162-unit apartment complex (Hara, Creighton and Davis in support). The vote came in spite of an overwhelming show of support from members of the public and elected officials who were also represented.

Then the next day one of two lawsuits was heard and Judge Deborah Fleck issued a Preliminary Injunction forbidding the Port to demolish the units until a full hearing on March 24, 2008. This means an almost seven month reprieve for the $32 million development.

Homeless advocates were particularly disappointed in Port Commissioner Lloyd Hara who in the past has been supportive of making the Port more sensitive to the local community. Hara’s vote, however, temporarily put the last nail in the coffin of the apartments.

“I am delighted with Judge Fleck’s ruling,” commented Stephen Norman, Executive Director for the King County Housing Authority, “this buys the time needed to find a compromise that works for all the parties involved.”

“This is a very positive development for affordable housing in the region,” said King County Executive Ron Sims. “This ruling gives us the time we need. I am committed to finding a solution that benefits all parties.”

Many leaders specifically praised the work of the Church Council in advocating for preservation of the apartments. Our thanks to the many people who sent cards, letters, and e-mails to support our efforts!

Another article about the most recent news by the Seattle PI



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