Saint Mark’s Cathedral as reviewed by The Stranger

The following is a review of Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral (my worship community and place of work). The reviews include 29 more faith communities in Seattle including a some emerging churches.

A Month of Sundays – Features – The Stranger, Seattle’s Only Newspaper
St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral

1245 10th Ave E

Sunday services: 8 am, 9 am, 11 am

This place is fucking gorgeous: 50-foot ceiling; stone-slab floors; white concrete pillars bookend the altar; light-pink, yellow, and off-white stained glass filter the morning light; and the piano-and-flute-heavy ensemble croon away.

In an era when Christianity is marketed as a sort of rock concert meets Gatorade commercial—with TV-screen preachers beamed into makeshift houses of worship in high-school gyms—St. Mark’s splendor is awesome. I understand the populist impulse of the evangelicals, but God deserves some gentle beauty.

When it comes time for Communion, I leap at the chance to float down the aisle and hang out at the grand dais.

Again, there’s no skimping here: I’m startled at the size of the slab of pita bread I get. When the guy jams it in my mouth, I’m wondering if he’s made a mistake: Am I supposed to tear it in half and share with the old lady on crutches next to me in line? Are there two parts to this ritual—am I supposed to eat only half now with the wine and bring the rest back to my seat to dip in charoset? JOSH FEIT

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