a truly liberated church

A model of a truly liberated church, one that could serve as a principle for liberation, can be projected from the mystery of the communion between the three divine Persons. This would be a church, a community of brothers and sisters, gathered round the Son sent by the Father of all goodness and purpose, in the dynamism of the Spirit, of bringing forward, deliberately and with full commitment, that Kingdom of God that is found wherever justice and freedom triumph in personal and social spheres.

Such a church, inspired by the communion of the Trinity, would be characterized by more equitable sharing of sacred power, by dialogue, by openess to all the charisms granted to the members of the community, by the disappearance of all types of discrimination, especially those originating in patriarchalism and machismo, by its permanent search for consensus to be built up through the organized participation of all its members.

-from Trinity and Society by Leonardo Boff 

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