10 Best Machine Shops

in 2005, while living in Bremerton, WA – I walked 1.5 mile everyday to work in a little machine shop. There I did everything there was too do, that did not demand precision, plus drank coffee, listen to Pink Floyd and heard a bunch of Jim’s stories.

I worked for Jim and Tamara for about 4 months and it was a blast.

Now Phinney Bay Machine Works is one of the best 10 machine shops.

Miniature Manufacturing On A Worldwide Basis
JIM WHIPPLE HAS THREE MANUAL machines — a 12 in. by 26 in. manual lathe, a jeweler’s lathe and a manual Bridgeport mill — three CNC milling machines, and customers around the world.

Whipple runs a shop with five employees, including his wife, Tamara, the official owner of Phinney Bay Machine Works, and an apprentice.

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