Christ is massacred in His members

In the whole world, throughout the whole of history, even among religious men and among saints, Christ suffers dismemberment.

His physical Body was crucified by Pilate and the Pharisees; his body is drawn and quartered from age to age by the devils in the agony of that dis-union which bred and vegetates in our soul, prone to selfishness and to sin.

All over the face of the earth the avarice and lust of men breed unceasing divisions among them, and the wounds that tear men from union with one another widen and open out into huge wars. Murder, massacres, revolution, hatred, the slaughter and torture of the bodies and souls of men, the destruction of cities by fire, the starvation of millions, the annihilation of populations and finally the cosmic inhumanity of the atomic war: Christ is massacred in His members, torn limb from limb; God is murdered in men.

  • Thomas Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation

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