“an American manifesto”

Steve Taylor, known by his book Out of Bounds Church, has a short but very incisive comment about the new emerging church book, An Emerging Manifesto.

You can read his comment here – an American manifesto

I guess the feeling of “colonialism and post-colonialism” in this context is not only felt in outside the USA. It is well felt here inside “the empire” as well. As I said in my comment to Steve’s post, the voices of women in the emerging movement is beginning to be heard, but still the “movement” feels very much testosterone driven. Also as a brown man of African and Taino/Arawak descendants, I look around and I only see a few people like me in the emerging gatherings, the emerging blogs and the emerging publications. Also to my disappointment, the prophetic voice of justice and reconciliation that people of color can bring to the conversation is even smaller.

But I am hopeful that diversity will be taken serious enough to go through the painful and slow process of mutual invitation and inclusion instead of just mere “tokenism.”

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