Swimming in known waters

As Ruben Blades would say “Todos vuelven a la tierra en que naciero, al embrujo incomparable de su sol.” I am returning – for about 2 weeks – back to Puerto Rico. I moved to Washington in 2005. The decision to move here was a well thought one.  We moved here looking for a change […]

“an American manifesto”

Steve Taylor, known by his book Out of Bounds Church, has a short but very incisive comment about the new emerging church book, An Emerging Manifesto. You can read his comment here – an American manifesto I guess the feeling of “colonialism and post-colonialism” in this context is not only felt in outside the USA. […]

Holy Kwik-E-Mart

No my friend, the church is not like a Kwik-E-Mart or a Seven Eleven. I’m glad you love Her (the church) and want to be of service to Her, but you shouldn’t pack and leave every time things are not to your liking. Do not treat Her like your old girlfriends of the past. The […]


One of my struggles as a photographer interested in street photography and photojournalism is the temptation to objectify people for the sake of art.  There is a fine line, which is very easy to cross, between using the camera to tell the truth about pain and suffering and ignoring a persons dignity in order to […]